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Our Philosophy and Process

Financial Concepts Unlimited’s (FCU) goal is to provide you with an unprecedented level of satisfaction within our relationship. Providing a way of doing business, and an atmosphere for building client/advisor relationships that last a lifetime, is central to everything we do.


Financial Concepts Unlimited is completely independent.  Our recommendations are given solely with your best interests in mind.


FCU acts as a fiduciary, and it is our duty and goal to do whatever is most appropriate for you.


Financial Concepts Unlimited is completely transparent. We do not profit, nor charge any separate fees for recommendations, transactions, time spent communicating with you, time spent working on your portfolio, or in-person or phone meetings. Our fees are solely based on the assets we manage for you. Our fee structure is simple, it will never change, and it actually goes down as your assets grow. Based upon our fee structure, we do better only when you do better. The entire point is to make sure your goals and our goals align.


While Financial Concepts Unlimited only operates with the highest level of integrity, our fee structure, and how we derive compensation will give you a level of comfort knowing your interests and our interests are aligned, and our success is gained solely by retaining you as a satisfied client.


Our foundation and philosophy is that every client is an individual, with different dispositions and unique values. In getting to know you, our conversations are centered around much more than your assets. Everything that’s important to you is important to us, whether it’s a financial goal such as passing down your estate or business as efficiently as possible, retiring to the lifestyle of your choosing, or simply building up your net worth, or other interests, such as your hobbies, your family, or your passions. Just as importantly, a large part of getting to know you, is understanding your feelings regarding investment risk, and what you’re comfortable with and not comfortable with. We take the time to understand not only your needs and goals, but you as a person.


Since FCU feels strongly that every client is a unique individual, we’ll never conduct an initial meeting with any preconceived notions of what to recommend. Therefore, ours is a multi-step process with recommendations given only after careful consideration of your needs and goals.


Financial Concepts Unlimited, LLC will take the time to answer your questions and educate you. We feel the more you understand why we do what we do, the more comfortable you’ll be during every other step of the process. A relationship with a client that understands the steps that are being taken, will be a lasting relationship.



“Personalized service” isn’t just an expression with FCU. Communication is a key aspect to any successful relationship, and that holds true in an Advisor/Client relationship too. Between in-person meetings, email, and phone, we will always make ourselves available to you. Once a client, you will have a choice, which you can change at any time, of reviewing your portfolio every 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, or annually. There are no additional fees for reviewing your portfolio, and at the end of every client review meeting, we set a date for the next meeting, so nothing falls through the cracks. Lives get busy and unexpected events take place all the time. If this should happen to you, your next review will be rescheduled, not forgotten. We also welcome your phone calls at any time for conversations regarding your portfolio or questions in general.


Portfolio Management

Even though Financial Concepts Unlimited, LLC may know a "Rule Of Thumb" and give it careful consideration, we also prefer to think independently. At FCU, we do all our own investment analysis, and act on our own triggers and resources.


There’s a big difference between Speculating and Investing. At FCU, we choose not to speculate with our clients’ assets. We believe in diversification, asset allocation, customized portfolios that fit individual needs, and a steady, consistent approach to money management. And when we make moves to reallocate your portfolio, we only do so after a great deal of forethought and consideration.


Portfolio management is more than simply the purchasing of investment vehicles. It is helping to build wealth while seeking to protect principal. It is taking advantage of appropriate balances between stocks and bonds and other asset categories. It is determining the correct allocation between the “value” and “growth” styles of investing, and the consistent monitoring of these balances and allocations, as well as the monitoring of the individual investment vehicles used. It is the careful selection of assets through a set of strict criteria. It is using assets of varying correlations to work toward mitigating risk and gain stability, while aiming to take advantage of the potential opportunity for growth at the same time. Portfolio management is rebalancing or reallocating when imbalances occur or when the environment calls for it. Portfolio management involves matching these balances in correct proportions to a client’s comfort levels and needs on an on-going basis, and making changes when appropriate.