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This is the page where you'll find important notices and reminders (e.g. IRA Contributions, RMD deadlines, etc). It's a good page to check in on every so often.


If you're a client of FCU and you either:

1- Don't receive your RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) by the end of October


2- Haven't received an RMD form, directly from our offices by the end of October


3- Are used to receiving your RMD sometime in November or December

Please call FCU and let's go over your options. We want to make sure that everyone receives their RMD early enough to eliminate any last minute hurdles (postal service, the need to liquidate assets to create the necessary cash, etc), that may get in the way of taking your RMDs by the year-end deadline.


It's easy to be really comfortable with risk when things are going great. It's when everything turns more volatile that you truly get a better feeling for where your "risk tolerance" level is. If you're starting to feel a little "antsi" about how things are going in the markets (generally or specifically), call FCU (Financial Concepts Unlimited, LLC), and let's make sure your portfolio and your comfort levels are aligned properly.

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